1. Take a dip inside holy water
Water is usually cold and has big large fishes (trapped far away from the stairs of the holy lake, and they don’t bite).

2. Read entire history of Sikhs
The fascinating history of the place is written over giant Silver boards all over the place in 3 languages.

3. Attend a ceremony
The priests conduct 9 ceremonies at different times of the day that are worth experiencing. Golden temple is not just a place to visit, but the time when you visit it also matters. Check with the reception of our hotel for details on upcoming ceremonies and when they start.

4. Have Langar
This is a huge kitchen that serves more than 100,000 people every day. The food made with love and prayers tastes amazing. Ask a local where you can get langar.

5. Have Chota Langar
Okay. That is not an official word and don’t try asking someone about it to save yourself from weird eyeroll expressions. There is a place where you can get tea and snacks during night and it is worth trying the place for food.

6. Look out for hidden places
The Golden temple is huge, the premises is spread across a very vast area and there are alot of hidden places to explore. There are several floors in each building connected via stairs and each floor has a purpose (only some of them are restricted, rest all is open). When you are in the premises, don’t be afraid to climb up the stairs to an another floor. Hire a guide and he can give you such a tour.¬†

7. Volunteer for Seva in Kitchen
Now, go back to where you ate amazing food (langar). Visit its huge kitchen (an experience in its own) and volunteer for seva (offer help). You soon could be washing dishes with hundreds of others or making chapattis or serving food to the sangat (devotees).

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