Ram Teerath (a.k.a Valmiki Tirath) is an important ancient Hindu pilgrimage center located 10 km to west of Amritsar city. The place is birthplace of Lava and Kusha, sons of Ramachandra, in ashrama of Saint Valmiki.

Getting to Ram Teerath

The place is 37 minutes drive from the Golden Temple region. Its appropriate to take a private taxi or autorichshaw to the place (costing around INR 500 total). You may hire a taxi from us to reach there. Directions to the Ram Teerath

Travel Tips / Hacks

This place is on your way back from Wagah Border. If you hired a private taxi to Wagah, you can make him stop at this place for sometime.
If you have some pictures of this place, travel tips or hacks, feel free to share below.

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